Flash Fiction: The Visceral


This was me before I was born, a mold and its transparent material. I was viscous with the ability to change my scent, I still hold that ability but only with the help of external influences. I grew in my mother’s womb in this form but I have the potential, informed by my own experiences and countless others that aren’t immediately comprehensible to me, to be more.

As I re-member the many memories materializing with every trigger hitherto strange and unknown to me, I dive deeper into a wonderful existence, an amalgam of both imagined and real – since the imagined wouldn’t be available to me unless it had been real at some time.

This tantalizing game of hide-and-go-seek drives my need to study words – since they hold footprints from several centuries of civilizations. I prefer to view myself as this adventurer of mind – always an empty vessel, full of sensory perceptions. This continues to be me to this day, only in a form that I must now integrate in my memory from many universes ago.

Word count: 179

This photo prompt was provided by: #FFfAW

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