The Finality of New Beginnings

In response to The Daily Post – Finally

The chilly air whirled in our ears,

hands finding the depth of our pockets,

as we tried not to lose sight to the bright headlights-

The music in the air included debutante

dancers wearing metal flaps under their shoes,

jamming it up with the cold, hard ground.

People milled about, arms entwined,

ice cream in hand, looking for the most inviting venue.

I waited on a park bench near an open restaurant with a band of elderly men

enjoying their affair with strings, percussion and wind,

and I knew I couldn’t wait to be their audience.

A group of tourists, gathered around the longest table, dancing and framing pictures –

anticipating a better shot next time.

The vocalist smiled like the Chechire cat, asking undecipherable questions but

soon returning to a well-articulated song,

While we awaited our meal.

But finally, will any of us ever arrive?

Photo May 20, 6 44 36 PM


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